That '70s Show (1998)

That '70s Show (1998)

series 22 min TV-14



Set in the Wisconsin suburbs of the United States, Eric Forman lives under the authority of his parents, Red and Kitty. Next door is his girlfriend/neighbor, Donna Pinciotti and her parents Bob and Midge. The rest of the gang includes Jackie, and her sometimes boyfriend, Kelso, Hyde, a conspiracy theorist and Fez, a foreign exchange student. The gang mostly likes to spend their time in Eric's basement, pondering their lives, parents, and their futures, while getting into many funny mishaps and adventures in their teenage lives along the way.



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Apr 19, 2016 16:28:02
High level: Sparked (2/5)

Great to watch when high, good background show and funny when you want to dedicate yourself to it. Also Tommy Chong in it makes it even better

Apr 11, 2016 00:36:51
High level: Toasted (3/5)

As I did watch it from the beginning as it was aired, re-watching it now as a toker brings back great nostalgic memories and laughs and just re-watching it after so long, the humor is extra sweet. I strongly recommend whether it be your first time or eighth time.

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