Frequently Asked Questions

HighMDb is a website where you can discover, rate and review movies and shows based on their watchability while high. And more.

While primarily aimed at people in a higher state of consciousness, we don't label like that — it's a website for YOU. Be cool and say it how you feel it; we enjoy a spontaneous thought process. Join us.

Because we're high. All seriousness aside, let's enjoy. Together.

Yes, HighMDb is absolutely free to use.

People who like to think up of creative ways to bring awesome ideas to life. If you don't believe us ask Snoop Dogg.

There is a general contact form which can be found here. If you specifically would like to provide feedback or ask for help you can also click on the green question mark in the right bottom side of the page. Alternatively, you can holla at us at

You don't need to register to browse through HighMDb. However, registration is required when you want to rate and review movies and shows. The registration is hassle-free and only takes 10 seconds to complete by filling out a desired username, email and password. Your email is never shown in public and is only used as an account recovery method for scenarios such as forgetting your account's password.

Simple: we let the community decide. Registering on HighMDb gives you the ability to not only discover what to watch, but also the ability to rate and review a title based on the following factors:

  • Rating — a scale of one to ten with one being the lowest and ten being the highest (pun intended), so you can provide a score for a title's watchability while high.
  • Review — your assessment of how bad or awesome the title was.
  • High Scale — a scale of one to five with one being "Sober" (not high) and five being "Andromeda" (in a galaxy far, far away), to indicate how high you were at the time you watched the particular title. We internally refer to this scale as "The Snoop Dogg Scale".

These factors contribute to the calculation of a HighMDb average score for each title, indicating it's watchability while high.

Yes, there's a rating scale on the top section of each title which you can use to simply rate the title without providing a full review.

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To create a list you need to be a registered user. Once registered, simply navigate to the "Lists" section of your profile, or click the "Lists" menu-item in the top-right menu - this will take you to the lists section of your profile, where you'll be able to view all of the lists you created, view all of the lists you are following, or create a new list using the "New List" button.

Simply navigate to the movie or show you want to add to a list. Below the synopsis, right next to the "Favorite" and "Watchlist" buttons, you'll see the new "Listed On" button (assuming you are logged in). You can then click "Listed On", which will display a dropdown with all of your current lists. You can then click on the list you want the item to be added in, which will in turn change the list name's color to green - this is also how you can ascertain whether this item is already in one of your lists.

Simply navigate to the list in question and click the "Follow List" button. The list will then appear in the lists you follow in your profile. To view the lists you are following, simply change the "Own" filter on the right to "Following" (example here).

Absolutely, which is why we are very positive in receiving feedback from you. As long as the features suggested are relevant to HighMDb's concept, feel free to let us know of your thoughts. Meanwhile, some updates are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Don't fret. If you require help, support, or would like to provide feedback and suggestions you can do so by contacting us at or by visiting our support page.

There are two scenarios. If you are logged in you can change your password by filling the "Change Password" form here. If you have forgotten your password and you can't login you can fill in the "Forgot Password" form here instead. For any further inquiries regarding your account you can contact us at or visit our support page.